Kelly Jean.

Hi Tumblr.
I am Kelly, maybe if you know my name it’ll make it harder to hate me.
Here’s the deal:
Do I have flaws? Absolutely.
Are there things I hate about myself? Yep.
Do I struggle with low self esteem? Every day.
But here’s the thing, I didn’t join Tumblr to hate on myself.
I joined Tumblr because there are TONS of people who have similar answers to the questions above but they love themselves anyway. And I have something to learn from them.
I don’t care what you hate about yourself… Maybe you’re too fat or too thin or too tall or too short or your curves aren’t in the right places or your ears are big or your feet aren’t the same size or whatever…

I am not going to be the person that hates on you for what makes you, you.

So excuse me but fuck you if you’re going to be the person that hates on me for being me.

Don’t like my blog? Don’t follow. Don’t look. Scroll past me. Move on with your life. Find better things to do than hate on a girl who is just trying to show nothing but love, including to herself.

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